A training course on “fiber optic technology”.. for the first time in Palestine, organized by JDECO

24.03.2024 01:45 PM

Wattan: The Technical and Academic Training Center at the JDECO, in cooperation with JDECO Fiber Optic Technology Company, concluded a qualitative training program in fiber optic technology. The implementation of the program came as a result of JDECO’s training center obtaining international accreditation from the Fiber Optic Association, which is the first of its kind in Palestine.

This program comes within “Buthour” Training Project under the supervision of the Palestinian Vision Organization and sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
Engineer Bassam Badr, director of the training center at JDECO, told Wattan: The training program at the JDECO has obtained international accreditation in fiber optic technology to organize training courses and exams to obtain an international certificate from this program.
He added that this training in fiber optics for male and female engineers came in cooperation with the Palestinian Vision Organization and support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
The fiber optic technology sector is considered one of the leading sectors and constitutes the backbone of business digitization and the development of various sectors, including home installations. Therefore, the importance of this training program lies in supplying this sector with competent workers trained in accordance with the highest international standards at the hands of certified trainers who hold experience and specialization, using the latest technologies in this field.
The Executive Director of JDECO Fiber Optic Technology Company, Engineer Yousef Massis, told Wattan: JDECO Fiber Company, which was established in 2011, specializes in fiber optic technology, and seeks to qualify technical personnel with their full technical and scientific capabilities.
He added that the training is internationally accredited within certain standards in fiber optic technology, as JDECO is considered the eighth Arab company internationally accredited in this technology, through training and qualifying engineers.
The course participants praised the importance of this specific training program, which enabled them to obtain a theoretical framework under scientific principles, in addition to practical field training, which gave them the knowledge and skill to enter this sector with confidence and competence.
Participant Muhannad Shaheen confirmed to Wattan that this training is organized for the first time in Palestine, and works to develop the trainees’ capabilities in both theoretical and practical aspects.
Participant Omaima Ashqar explained to Wattan: This course is very useful because it develops the experience of graduates in the field of fiber optic technology, in addition to providing them with job opportunities.
Participant Batoul Awadallah continued that this course is a great opportunity to gain experience and skills in terms of fiber optic technology, and many topics were discussed, including fiber parts, electricity, communications, and safety procedures.
This first training program, which spanned six consecutive days, included a group of male and female engineers from related disciplines, who were now qualified to take the international exam to obtain the international certificate in this field.
The training programs official at JDECO, Engineer Israa Salah, noted to Wattan: This program is one of the distinguished programs that have been organized, through 6 training days, and includes fiber optic technology.
Given the importance of public safety in various works and the necessity of working in accordance with public safety instructions and guidelines, this training program was paired with an intensive course in public safety instructions and working at heights founded on the experience of JDECO, which extends for more than a century in this field.
Participant Youssef Habbaba indicated to Wattan that the course participants were trained on how to deal with public safety during installation operations, in addition to splicing fiber wires, identifying them, and their types, examining them, and how to ensure that the wires have been connected successfully.
JDECO seeks to develop its services and develop the capabilities of its staff to provide the best and latest services to its subscribers in its service areas. It also always seeks to develop the capabilities of Palestinian youth through quality vocational training programs based on scientific knowledge and reliable practical experience.

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